Lower Form

An opportunity to grow and develop through play, active learning, and exploration. 

The Academy’s Lower Form is home to students in Kindergarten through Grade 4. During these formative years, emphasis is placed on the academic, social and spiritual growth of our students. Our young scholars explore, discover, build, and create to learn new concepts and skills. The Lower Form gathers together weekly to pray, learn social skills, share news and ideas, problem-solve, and celebrate. To meet each lower form student where he is academically and harness their curiosity, students engage in learning Literacy (reading and writing), Science, Mathematics, Social studies, Spanish, and Religion. 

Woven into all content areas, literacy development encompasses a significant part of each day for our young learners. By 2nd grade the mathematics curriculum begins to accelerate at a quicker pace with the second half of the school year primarily focusing on multiplication and division. Mathematical understanding, fluency, and problem-solving are emphasized throughout the lower form mathematics curriculum. Technology is available to all students to catalyze their learning when the instructional task warrants its use. For those requiring reading intervention, we provide small group instruction to support our earliest and developing readers. Students gain familiarity of Spanish through singing, reading, writing, and speaking with a Spanish teacher depending on their grade level. iPad carts are also available at every grade level (through grade 5) for research, writing, collaboration, and creation.

In addition to the core learning experiences described above, students in our lower form further develop through instruction in art, music, library, and physical education. As students progress through the lower form curriculum, they have opportunities to engage in science labs, interest-based enrichment opportunities, and our competitive sports programs. By focusing on student growth through the acquisition of critical content knowledge and by developing critical skill sets such as critical thinking, literacy, mathematics, and communication, it is our hope that students will be well prepared for our rigorous academic program in the upper form.