The Academy’s enrichment program aims to provide students in grades 4-8 with opportunities to explore new hobbies and develop new skills and talents in a supportive and low-stress environment.
Chess   Chess has been linked to improved concentration, problem-solving – and even mathematical ability.
Current Events Club    Students will enjoy learning about current events through Scholastic News articles, videos and activities.
Design Lab  Students will be introduced to 3D design through the use of Tinkercad and Makerbot.
Engineering Design Activities   Students will design, build, and test a design using a limited amount of supplies and a specific list of design criteria that must be met.
Escape Room  Students will work together to solve puzzles or do math problems within a certain amount of time to accomplish a goal or unlock a door
Intro to Basic Electronics  Students will study voltage, current resistance, multimeters, electronic components, build/troubleshoot dc circuits.
Film Study Students learn about history through documentary film, or films based on true stories.
Financial Literacy  Students explore topics related to personal finance and compete in the statewide Stock Market Game
Fishing Club  Learn the basics of a potential new hobby and enjoy a local fishing trip together.
Garden Club Learn about vegetation and gardening while helping maintain the SEA Student Garden.
Knowledge Games   Test your everyday knowledge and learn something new!
Mindfulness  Students develop skills to address emotions through guided meditation, prayer, music, breathing exercises, music and positive self-talk.
Minecraft  Students explore leadership styles, approaches to teamwork and communication skills by competing in a series of three Minecraft challenges.
Mock Trial   Students will learn about general trial techniques and participate in a simulated trial with students playing the roles of lawyers and/or witnesses.
Musical Offerings   Lancer Band, Beginner Band, Men’s Ensemble, Academy Singers, Academy Chorus
Nutrition   Students will be introduced to the basics of nutrition and exercise.
Pickleball    Students will be introduced to the basics of pickleball
Robotics   Students will be given the opportunity to build and code their own VEX robots.
Rocket League   In addition to getting an introduction to the rapidly growing eSports area of interest and education, upper form students will compete in tournament-style gaming competitions playing the online game Rocket League.
Scenes, Monologues, and Theatre Games   Students will practice the skills necessary to be part of theatrical productions
Sports History   Students will discuss the origins of each sport, influential athletes, important moments, and understand the social, cultural, and financial impact of different sports.
Stop-Motion Movie Creation Students write, build, and film their own stop-motion animation movie.
Student Council     Participate in Student Government in one of four roles.
Tabletop Games     Play card or board games that support critical and strategic thinking and provide opportunities for community building.
Yearbook  The yearbook team takes photos throughout the year and works with staff moderators to design the annual yearbook. 

Being confident when trying something new is hard. We love watching our students tackle new projects and activities!