Upper Form

Developing boys of character in a community of faith through a rigorous, preparatory curriculum.

With a strong foundation built in our lower grades, students in the upper form embark on a learning journey that promotes collaboration and self-direction, inquiry and argumentation, and exploration and critical thinking through a curriculum that focuses on problem solving and skill development.

In the Upper Form, learning how to use text-based and online research to defend a position or stance is a concept practiced throughout all content areas. By the end of 8th grade, students complete a Capstone Project that requires extensive research, documentation, and analysis of data and proposed solutions. Beginning in fifth grade, students are expected to keep a planner and begin to monitor their academic progress. In each class, teachers provide students with the organizational, study and note-taking skills to help them become responsible and self-sufficient learners. Right-sized classes combined with the appropriate blend of support provide our students with opportunities to interact with their teachers as often as necessary and to collaborate with peers in a more deliberate manner. Our dynamic curriculum of Integrated Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Spanish, Social Studies, and Religion is designed to inspire and challenge students to become independent and analytical thinkers.